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Music in Catholic Schools is a parent pay band program in 26 Catholic and 2 Lutheran grade schools in the Omaha metro area. Outside income earned enables students with financial need to participate in band at their school.

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Our band program cooperates with parents and schools in providing band classes for their children enrolled in parochial Catholic and Lutheran schools. Catholic and Lutheran schools are part of the greater mission of Christ to bring God’s message of love to people and people to God.

All staff members of the program are certified music instructors in the state of Nebraska. The administration of your school has approved the MCS instrumental program for their students in grades five through eight.

Music in Catholic Schools is under the direction of the Superintendent of Schools of the Archdiocese of Omaha and is managed by a Governing Board. The program is financed by parent-paid tuition, along with funds from fund-raising projects, interest income, and gifts.

Listen to what Music in Catholic Schools students and alumni have to say about the program:


Goals & History


  • Provide band instruction to interested students in participating schools, regardless of students’ financial resources to pay band tuition.
  • Provide management services and teacher services.
  • Provide instrumental equipment, music, and scheduling for operation of the program.
  • Give students an opportunity to progress in instrumental music skills through regular classes and enrichment activities.


In 1979, the MCS band program began under the direction of the Superintendent of Schools, Sr. Genevieve Schillo, and Sr. Marie Juan Maney, Coordinator of Music at St. Cecilia’s, the group of parents serving as a Steering Committee became the first MCS Governing Board. Mrs. Barbara Sanders, teacher and coordinator, and Mrs. Debra Lund, teacher, served the 200+ students in 20 participating schools. In 1982 more Catholic elementary schools and five Lutheran schools joined MCS.

The number of students served grew to well over 400 each year. Currently, 25 Catholic schools and 2 Lutheran schools are served by three full-time teachers, and one administrator that make up the staff of Music in Catholic Schools.

Listen to what Music in Catholic Schools students and alumni have to say about the program.

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