Victim Assistance

We are sorry for the pain and suffering you have experienced and we’re ready to listen to you with loving hearts and open minds. The Archdiocese of Omaha wants to help anyone who alleges sexual abuse by any member of the clergy or archdiocesan employees.

Contact us

To report sexual abuse,

call Child Protective Services at 800.652.1999
or local law enforcement at 911.

The Way Retreat

The Way is a healing retreat for survivors of abuse, a 3-day guided meditation and prayer experience for those whose abuse by another has deeply affected their heart, mind, body, and soul. These are yearly retreats; one for women and one for men. Please see flyer for details.

General flyer (PDF)   Men's retreat details (PDF)

How we can help

We will help you get support by providing:

  • Information about counseling through individual therapy and/or support.
  • Financial resources for insurance co-pays, retreats and other needs.
  • Information about spiritual directors.

We want to listen to and respect your complaint

Know that we are here for you as a listening, caring presence. Finding justice and showing compassion are our goals as we respond to the harm you or someone you know has experienced from a person in a position of trust. We want to listen and address the hurt that may have occurred when pastoral care was exercised improperly.

We recognize that bringing a misconduct complaint to the archdiocese can be a frightening consideration. We want to make this process as caring and easy as possible. We will proceed at the pace that you set, respecting your need to determine when, how and where you wish to speak.

Ministry-related sexual misconduct refers to three related forms of misconduct:

  • Sexual abuse which is sexual conduct between a church employee and a minor or vulnerable adult
  • Sexual exploitation which is sexual contact between a church employee and a person who is receiving pastoral care

Bringing a Complaint For Recent Sexual Abuse

Your first step for recent sexual abuse reporting is to call Child Protective Services at 800.652.1999 or call your local law enforcement agency.

Bringing a Complaint For Past Incidents

For incidents that occurred in the past you can:

  1. Contact Mary Beth Hanus L.C.S.W., L.M.H.P., the Archdiocese of Omaha’s Victim Outreach and Prevention Director.
  2. Or call the Archdiocese of Omaha Chancery at:

    402.558.3100 and ask to speak with the Chancellor

  3. Or write to Archbishop George Lucas:

    “Personal and Confidential”
    Archdiocese of Omaha
    100 N. 62nd St.
    Omaha, NE 68132

We will help you bring your concerns to church officials outside the Archdiocese if the abuse, exploitation or harassment occurred elsewhere and you now reside in the Archdiocese of Omaha.

If you are unsure about bringing a complaint or would like further information, please contact Mary Beth Hanus LCSW, LMHP.


Mary Beth Hanus L.C.S.W., L.M.H.P.

Office of Victim Outreach and Prevention and Safe Environment
2222 N. 111th St. Omaha, NE 68164