Joshua Richards

Theology II

St. Paul Seminary

Hello! My name is Josh Richards and I have lived in Papillion, Nebraska for most of my life. I have been attending Saint Columbkille Parish since 2011, which is when my Mother and I converted to Catholicism. I am the youngest of 3 children.

I first began thinking of the Priesthood in my senior year of high school when I joined the youth group at Saint Columbkille. Before then, the thought of becoming a Priest never crossed my mind. However, by the grace of God, the desire to die to myself and serve the Lord and His people was implanted into my heart. After a unique conversion moment in my senior year, I decided that I would get in touch with the Archdiocese of Omaha Vocations office. However, I ended up spending two incredible years at the John Paul II Newman Center in Omaha studying social work. This was a time for me to mature in many ways, but especially spiritually. It was here that I learned how to pray and give my life in small ways to the Trinity through those around me. The Lord’s way of giving me peace in prayer and a spirit of sacrifice has led me straight into the seminary, and He continues to guide me.

After graduating from the University of St. Thomas, I am very excited to be challenged in my academic studies at Saint Paul Seminary (SPS). I am also very grateful for the opportunity to share my life with my brothers around me at SPS, which I know will be a source of life during my years here in St. Paul.

For those who are discerning a call to the Priesthood, I would suggest three things: keep a simple trust in the Trinity, behold Jesus in the Eucharist, and find a good community of people to be vulnerable with. If all of these things are done with our whole heart, there is no way the Lord will not work in us.

My favorite hobbies are playing soccer and spikeball, reading, and writing letters to my friends and family.