Reporting abuse by bishops

The national system to report bishops for sexual misconduct or their mishandling of cases was launched March 16, 2020 in the United States.

The Catholic Bishops Abuse Reporting service (CBAR) is an outcome of Pope Francis’ 2019 apostolic letter, Vos estis lux mundi (“You are the light of the world”), which addresses sexual abuse and bishop accountability in the global Catholic Church.

Vos estis calls upon metropolitan archbishops to undertake the responsibilities for receiving and assessing reports alleging sexual abuse bishops and related misconduct.

The reporting service is operated by Convercent, Inc., an independent group that provides intake services to private institutions for reports of sensitive topics such as sexual harassment through a secure, confidential platform.

Individuals can submit a complaint at or call (800) 276-1562. The system is not a substitute for reporting to law enforcement officials.