Mentorship Program

" equip the Saints for the work of ministry." Ephesians 4:12

Program Information

What is the Mentorship Program?

Who should apply?

Program Outcomes

Time Commitment

Cost & Funding

Application Process

The Mentorship Program equips lay people to confidently and fruitfully share their faith through friendship and deep investment in others.

Training is practical and hands-on, teaching key habits and skills for intentional evangelization through individual accompaniment. Participants gain a common language and experience with likeminded leaders from across the Archdiocese.

The Mentorship Program best serves those who:

  • Strive to help others know and love Jesus
  • Seek personal growth and formation in evangelization
  • Desire to deepen their personal relationship with Christ in prayer
  • Are willing to make sacrifices in order to engage in the formation process

Key program outcomes include:

  • Deepening of your personal prayer life and skills for discernment
  • Knowledge of the process of evangelization 
  • Greater confidence in sharing the Gospel message with others
  • Growth in the ability to teach and mentor others
  • Greater understanding of your unique gifts and how God is calling you to use them
  • Strengthened ability to lead evangelization initiatives in  your parish and community

The Mentorship Program is a two-year process. Learning takes place through retreats, monthly large group seminars, reading, and discussion. Small group Mentorship Circles also meet monthly.

To engage participants throughout the Archdiocese, cohorts meet in both the metro and rural area.

Download a general Year 1 & 2 schedule of the seminars, retreats, and topics covered in the program.

We ask that each participant contribute $450.00* per year for the cost of the Mentorship Program ($900 total for two years).

The Archdiocese covers the remainder of the cost for all retreat fees, required reading, meals, instructor and mentor stipends, and additional program materials.

Financial help is available if needed.

*Spouses participating in the Mentorship program will receive a $100 discount per person ($350.00 per year). 

The Mentorship Program is a significant commitment, and the number of participants we can accept each year is limited. The application process helps facilitate a mutual discernment. 

The process consists of:

  1. Online Application
  2. Pastor's Recommendation
  3. Interview (as necessary)

The application deadline is May 15, 2023.


Why is the Mentorship Program a two-year process?

Deep personal formation takes time, energy, and dedication. This is especially true when it comes to developing the habits necessary for making disciples, which are very counter-cultural. It also requires some willingness to sacrifice other commitments for the sake of being equipped. We have designed the process to provide a transformative experience while minimizing the travel, financial resources, and time commitment required.

What will the program give me (i.e., what will I “get” out of the program)?

The goal of the Mentorship Program is to equip participants with the vision, skills, and habits to make disciples through intentional, individual accompaniment. We aim to provide a universal framework for relational evangelization and a "toolkit" of skills that can be applied in the specific relationship and unique circumstances of each participant's life.

The program is designed to walk with each participant, helping them listen to the Lord to determine where and how they are called to do this: in family life, the workplace, relationships within the local community, parish evangelization efforts, etc. In short, you will be prepared to discern and live your personal vocation as a missionary disciple.

I do not know my pastor very well; can I ask a priest who knows me to fill out the Pastor Recommendation?

If there is another priest who knows you very well, they may fill out the recommendation, however, we do need your pastor to fill out the form to the best of his ability. This communication and collaboration facilitates important relationship-building between you, your, pastor, and the Archdiocesan offices.

Can I view a schedule of the seminars, retreats, and topics covered in the program?
Is there an option for attending some (but not all) of the monthly seminars?

Individuals who desire to attend some of the seminars but for whom the mentorship process is not a good fit may audit those that correspond to their specific area of interest. We envision this primarily for paid parish staff, clergy, or other individuals who have extensive training or experience in ministry but desire ongoing formation in a particular area. Please contact any member of the Parish Support Team to discuss auditing.

Does this program primarily equip parish staff or volunteers?

We believe that both volunteers and parish staff can benefit from the practical, hands-on training that the program offers. If you have questions about whether the program is a good fit, please contact any member of the Parish Support Team.

Can clergy participate?

While the primary audience of the program is lay people, we welcome the participation of priests and permanent deacons. Interested clergy should contact Jen Moser or 402-558-3100 to discuss participation.

I am a full-time parish staff member. Will there be an option for attending seminars during the week?

Currently, we have established Saturdays as the day for regular gatherings in order to accommodate those who work full-time in other settings.