JPII Newman Center offers leasing flexibility in response to pandemic

March 24, 2020 (Omaha, NE) – In response to the spread of the novel coronavirus and the CDC’s recommendations, the St. John Paul II Newman Center has invited student residents to return to their permanent addresses.
“We know not all students will be able to move home, and we are certainly not forcing anyone out,” said Fr. Dan Andrews, director of the center. “Our resident manager Lauren Hankes has been in touch with all of our residents to make sure no one is left without a safe place to live.”
Those residents who need to remain at JPII Newman may do so. Those who choose to move out are being offered a partial buy-back of their lease.
“We are proud of our students for their flexibility and cooperation in this uncertain time,” said Andrews. “We have already heard from several students who feel blessed to have this financial reprieve, and a few have chosen to donate their refunds back to the Center, which is amazing.”
The St. John Paul II Neman Center is located on the southeast corner of 71st and Pacific in Omaha. It includes a chapel, apartment-style housing for 162 students, and a rectory for two priests. More information is available at
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