Campaign Leadership

Ignite the Faith

Most Rev. George J. Lucas
Archbishop of Omaha

General Co-Chairs
Krista and Mickey Anderson
Mary and Jim Czyz
Elaine and Erv Eisenmenger
Jane and M.J. Kersenbrock
Kathy and Bill Kizer
Suzie and Mike Lawler
Suzanne and Jim Pillen
Kelly and Britt Thedinger

Advisory Council
Mary Joy Anderson
†Msgr. James Cain
Mary Lou and Charlie Diers
Carol and Allen Dvorak
Barb and Bill† Fitzgerald
Judy Harvey
Jim Kineen
Doris and Harry Knobbe
Rev. James Kramper
Carol and John Maginn
Rosella† and John Meuret
Ann Louise and John Micek
Kay† and Doug Munter
Dennis and Ellin Murphy
Betsy† and Bob Reed
Fran and Emmet Root
Rev. Donald Shane
Peg and Gene Steffensmeier
Joan and Jim Taphorn
Vera and Roman Uhing
Ellen and Herman Weist


Executive Committee
Jean and Jim Ambrose
Ann Marie and Trent Bausch
Rev. Thomas Bauwens
Rev. Gregory Baxter
Lee and Tom Belford
Jen and Rick Bettger
Tammy and Drew Blossom
Mary and Pat Corrigan
Sharon and Steve Doran
Rev. Tom Fangman
Colleen and Michael Gawley
Rev. Lloyd Gnirk
Rev. Gerald Gonderinger
Rev. Dennis Hanneman
Sarah and Brian Harr
Mary Katherine and Bill Helget
Rev. Paul Hoesing
Beth and Mike Jareske
Lisa and Rob Johnson
Rev. Daniel Kampschneider
Joanne and Tom Kerins
Rev. David Korth
Rev. Ryan Lewis
Beth and Ed McGill
Renee and Pat McGill
Patty and Paul Mendlik
Katie and Sean Mullen
Janet and Tom Nichting
Sally and Tim O’Neill
Rev. Gary Ostrander
Jill and Terry Petersen
Margaret and Doug Quinn
Teri and Ron Quinn
Stacie and Rob Reed
Gov. Pete Ricketts
Mary Lynn and Greg Schwietz
Kathy and Terry Sibbernsen
Sue and Dave Steffensmeier
Rev. James Tiegs
Margie and Jim Timmerman
Ursula and Mark Treinen
Molly and Gary Witt

Clergy Committee
Rev. Michael Grewe, Chair
Rev. Daniel Andrews
Rev. David Belt
Rev. Ross Burkhalter
Rev. Harold Buse
Msgr. Joseph Hanefeldt
Rev. Owen Korte
Rev. Joseph Miksch
Rev. Steven Stillmunks
Rev. Damian Zuerlein

Campaign Planning Committee
Archbishop George J. Lucas
Rev. Michael Grewe
Deacon Timothy McNeil
James Stolze
Rev. Joseph Taphorn
Lee Karrer
Msgr. James Gilg
Patrick Slattery

Shannan Brommer
 - Director, Stewardship & Development Office

The Steier Group
 - Campaign Counsel

† Deceased