Camp Virtus et Veritas

Summer camp for boys entering 6th through 9th grade in the fall

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Camp Virtus et Veritas

Camp Kateri Tekakwitha - McCool Junction, NE

Week 1: July 18-24, 2021
Week 2: July 25-31, 2021


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Additional Information

About Camp Virtus et Veritas

Camp Virtus et Veritas is a Catholic summer camp for boys entering 6th grade through 9th grade in the fall.  It lasts 7 days, 6 nights and is held at Camp Kateri Tekakwitha in McCool Junction, Nebraska. The camp is full of fun, personal growth, and spiritual development.

Campers will participate in various activities such as: daily Mass and Eucharistic adoration, bible study, altar server training, respect for the USA flag, campfires, great food, obstacle course, mud slide, water sports and activities, archery, skits, and more.

Mission Statement

Campers will experience incredible daily encounters with Christ through the Sacraments. Days and nights are filled with exhilarating activities, inspiring worship, challenging and engaging talks, interactive sports, and life-changing prayer experiences.

We assist boys to become self-disciplined and confident young men. Through this formation, we hope to imprint within their soul a true zeal to know Christ and to embrace His plan for their lives. Our goal is to give them the confidence and strength they need to continue their faith journey and to help them foster healthy vocations.

Camp Video

2021 cost:
Campers: $485.00
High School Leaders: $250.00
Adult volunteers: Free


Target date for opening registration is February 2021.

Camp Schedule and Information

Camp begins Sunday at 3:00 p.m. (please eat lunch before you arrive)
Camp concludes Saturday after the closing Mass (approximately 11:30 a.m.)

Additional information can be found above in Key Information for 2020.


Camp Kateri Tekakwitha
1305 Road 3
McCool Junction, NE 68401

Map to Camp Kateri Tekakwitha
Camp Kateri Tekakwitha Website

Refund Policy

Full refunds will only be issued if the cancelled spot can be filled with another camper through our wait-list.
Camp staff will make necessary efforts to fill cancelled spots – please contact them as soon as possible.

Health and Safety

A volunteer camp nurse is part of the leadership team and will serve the campers throughout the week. Additionally, the Camp Kateri Tekakwitha Director is on location throughout the week for the purpose of health and safety of all involved.

High School Leadership Roles

Young men entering their sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school have the opportunity to lead a group of campers as Senior or Junior Counselors or Squad Coordinators, or to assist our Camp Chaplain in preparing for Holy Mass and Eucharistic Adoration as a Sacristan. College men (19 and older) are invited to apply to be an assistant director.

2020 Cost: $225.00

Senior and Junior Counselor & Squad Coordinator (For Grades 10-12)
  • Work with Team Dad to lead a small group of campers through all activities
  • Witness good Christian conduct to all campers
  • Lead and supervise your team in prayer, skits, team competitions, meals, chores, mass, etc.
  • Communicate and ensure camper compliance with all camp rules and regulations in collaboration with your Team Dad
  • Required to attend two (2) camp training sessions prior to camp
Sacristan (For Grades 10-12)
  • Overall, the role of the sacristan is to oversee and keep in good order the worship space and all the articles and sacred vessels used in worship and liturgical activities.
  • Prepare altar (vessels, hosts, etc.), celebrant vestments, and seating for mass
  • Prepare lectionary and missal according to the liturgical calendar
  • Prepare vestments for celebrant
  • Oversee assigned servers for mass preparation and clean up
  • Oversee proper care and maintenance of all vestments
  • Prepare and use incense
  • Required to attend two (2) camp training sessions prior to camp

Camp Volunteers (Adults 18 & Older)

Volunteers are the backbone of camp success. All Adult leaders must attend two (2) mandatory training sessions prior to camp and inform camp Nurse of any illness or accident. The following adult leadership roles are to ensure the success and safety of the boys attending camp.

Areas of responsibility include, but not limited to:

Assistant Director (College men 19 & older)
  • Work with the Camp Director to oversee all camp activities and maintain order throughout the week
  • Lead group prayer
  • Direct teams to assigned activities
  • Manage morning and night routines
  • Assist and direct counselors, Team Dads, Squad Coordinators and Floater Dads with tasks and schedule
Team Dad
  • One Dad (i.e. Team Dad) to be assigned to each team
  • Inspire and advise Counselors in leadership roles
  • Deliver the modesty talk on Sunday to your team
  • Attend all of your team meetings and team activities
  • Have a positive attitude, always encouraging your team
Floater Dad
  • Not assigned a specific team; will be asked to step in and help where necessary
  • Help setup for and participate in all camp activities
  • Actively seek tasks that need to be completed
  • Inspire and advise Counselors in leadership roles
  • Have a positive attitude, always encouraging your team
  • Ensure the health and safety of all attending camp
  • Maintain, manage and properly administer medications to youth participants
  • Administer all First Aid
  • First responder to any health or safety emergency
  • Acquire, maintain, and manage all First Aid / Medical supplies necessary for camp
  • Have a positive attitude, always be encouraging
Head Cook & Kitchen Manager
  • Reports to Director and Camp Kateri Director
  • Establish Camp Food Menu
  • Conduct and/or delegate grocery shopping
  • Expense management (maintain receipts for reimbursement)
  • Maintain kitchen cleanliness and order
  • Prepare and clean up after all meals and snacks
  • Have a positive attitude, always be encouraging
Assistance Cooks
  • Reports to Head Cook and Kitchen Manager
  • Follows the established camp food menu
  • Assists with grocery shopping
  • Maintain kitchen cleanliness and order
  • Prepare and clean up after all meals and snacks
  • Have a positive attitude, always be encouraging
  • Must be available for the duration of camp to capture photos and videos of camp activities
  • Post photos online throughout the duration of camp
  • Provides Camp Director with a copy of all media
  • Have a positive attitude, always be encouraging


We are in need of generous donations to offer scholarships to families that require assistance. We do not wish to turn away a boy due to the inability to pay.

If you are interested in donating, please contact Toby Korensky, Camp Director at or (402) 915-0482.

Thank you for your generosity!