Black Catholic Implementation Team

Communicating the spirit, vision and strategy of the National Black Catholic Congress

Mission and Goals

The Omaha Archidocesan Implementation Team of the National Black Catholic Congress communicates the spirit, vision, and the strategy of the Congress to the Catholic community of Omaha. The Team provides leadership to spearhead the implementation of Congress programs and policies in the National Black Catholic Pastoral Plan and other Congress documents. These programs and policies devise ways and means to include gifts of Black interests and concerns, and increase the visibility and active participation of Black Catholics in the local Church.

Major Goals
• To give African American Catholics a voice in the life of the Church.
• To combat racism and exclusion in Church and society.
• To motivate African American Catholics to demand equal acceptance and full participation in all areas of Church life.
• To encourage African American Catholics to share their gifts of spirituality, freedom, joy, and reconciliation at every opportunity.


History tells us that the Black Catholics were the first to hold a national Catholic Congress in the United States. The congress offered opportunities for Black Catholics to speak for themselves on the issues of evangelization, spirituality, education and the plight of black Americans.

The National Black Catholic Congress (NBCC) was founded by Daniel A. Rudd, a Black Catholic newspaper publisher. In 1889, Rudd called the first National Black Catholic congress which convened in St. Augustine Catholic Church in Washington, D.C.. The purpose of the gathering was to address the needs of Black Catholics. After completion of Congress I in 1889, similar convocations were held throughout the years.

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For more information about the Black Catholic Implementation Team, please contact:
Angela Hardin
Archdiocese of Omaha
Black Catholic Implementation Team
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—  Luke 4:18 / Micah 6:18