Thomas LaSala

College I

St. John Vianney Seminary

Growing up, my parents were in the Air Force, so I lived in many parts of America. In 2013, we settled in Omaha, where I started attending St. Gerald’s in third grade. I loved playing games outside, watching movies, and being outdoors. St Gerald’s school and church provided a great foundation for me to start building my faith.

In 7th grade, I experienced several very powerful spiritual encounters, which led me to begin to discern the possibility of priesthood. At the time, I was unsure about what my future would hold. For High school, I went to Skutt Catholic High School, which was incredible for my growth. I was on the cross country and track team and played Drums for show choir and marching band. One of the best parts of high school was the opportunity to be in Guardians, the male prayer group at Skutt. This group helped me hold on to my faith in high school and grow in it.

Throughout high school, I wrestled with God's call for me and tried to convince myself that I, not God, knew what was best for me. But no matter how far I strayed, Jesus, the Good Shepherd, never gave up on His pursuit of my heart. I finally accepted that God, my creator, knows best about what will make me happy.

As I am formed at seminary, I hope to be able to let God light my heart ablaze with the love of Jesus and to be able to show everyone I meet this love. I am currently majoring in Philosophy and Catholic Studies at St. John Vianney College Seminary.

My advice to anyone discerning their vocation is to commit daily to growing into the best version of yourself and not be afraid to surrender to God’s will. He made our hearts, and He knows what will make us the happiest.

Fun Facts: I am an Eagle Scout, have been to the Vatican three times, and have run a 5-minute mile.