Ryan Sheridan

Propaedeutic Year

St. Paul Seminary

I grew up in a Catholic family of five. We were members of St. Gerald Parish and went to school there. As a young person, I remember being fascinated by certain parts of the Mass and the First Friday Benediction we attended in school. I became increasingly interested in the priesthood when I met many great priests and seminarians.

As I entered high school, I had a powerful awakening in my faith life. I began to take the idea of priesthood seriously as a potential vocation rather than as something I was casually interested in. This experience encouraged me to increase my faith life and devotion to Our Lord and, as a result, enabled me to grow in my love for the priesthood.

After high school, I attended the University of Nebraska-Omaha and lived at the St. John Paul II Newman Center. My time there was amazing. It helped me grow in my faith life while surrounded by other young Catholics desiring to love the Lord more fully.

Once I graduated, I knew the Lord was calling me to explore the idea of becoming His priest in a fuller way. I, and three other members of the Newman community, applied to seminary for this fall.

I will be starting the Propaedeutic Program at St. Paul Seminary in Minnesota. It is a year of engagement with prayer and intentionality. We participate in a media fast by limiting the use of our phones so we can spend more time being present with one another and the Lord.

I am grateful for the support of the Archdiocese of Omaha and the countless prayers for me in my discernment.