Minh Tran

Theology III

Assumption Seminary

My name is Minh Tran. My parish is St. Columbkille. My pastor is Fr. Dave Reeson. This is a big parish. There are 94 organizations, programs, activities and charitable causes. I love my parish so much.

Now I am studying at Assumption Seminary. I like this place because I feel very happy to study here. Attending Assumption Seminary and Oblate School of Theology has enabled me to grow in my understanding of Church. I have come to view the Church as a place where people united by a common bond. It is a place where I am both nurtured by the Word of God in celebration of Liturgy and at the same time it is the place where I begin to live out by faith, by hope and by love.

The “come and follow me” evangelization encouraged me when I daily attend Mass and become involved with the life of Jesus and Church. As a child of God, I have heard, read, and continue perceiving my calling to be a good shepherd. In order to understand deeply about my vocation priesthood, I focused on Word of God “I give you a new commandment: love one another. This is how all will know you for my disciples, your love for one another.”(Jn 13:34-35) This loving relationship creates an ultimate communion between God and my heart. I have perceived the role of priest future is the one who truly knows the heart of God, “a heart of flesh,” in Jesus. So what have I learned about it? I have learned that I truly love God and God’ people. Most important I have learned that opening and transform my life in the wholeness of program effectiveness formation at Assumption Seminary. Jesus as the Good Shepherd treats me in His way. He takes care of my needs and protects me. He gives me direction and guidance me through his providence, but all is done in his love.

Therefore, my plan is to continue to improve on the interpersonal to the community where I am living. My deepest wish, also, is to further my theology education. To me, it is an essential ingredient in the development of my faith and to be a good leader in the future.