Matthew Pohlman

Theology III

North American College

Hello! My name is Matthew Pohlman, and I am from St. Gerald’s Parish in Ralston. Growing up in the same parish as many of my extended family members is incredible, as we are able to participate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass together often. My Mom, Dad, and four siblings have been influential in my response to the Lord’s call- even to the point of “playing Mass” with me as a child.

I remember sitting in my first grade classroom at St. Gerald the day St. John Paul II died. His death catalyzed my interest in the Catholic Faith, along with my parents’ example of faith at home. As I grew in knowledge and maturity, the Holy Spirit led my prayers toward discernment of the priesthood. My faith was strengthened throughout my four years at Skutt Catholic High School. It was during numerous interactions, musical experiences, and visits with our Lord in the school chapel that I was graced with an overwhelming excitement for the priesthood.

Sharing in the priesthood of Jesus Christ is certainly a call beyond my lowliness, but seminary formation has taught me that the Father desires that we trust in His plan. The sacrificial abandonment I believe I am called to in the priesthood will only be accomplished by the grace of Jesus Christ. I am thrilled to engage deeply in seminary formation for the sake of striving after holiness.

For those young men considering seminary or who feel a call to a priestly vocation, I urge you to persevere in prayer, and continue to grow in your relationship with the Lord. Fears will set in, but trust in Jesus. I still sing and play the piano! I still lift at the gym! I still do things that I love, but I do them in light of me being a beloved son of the Father. It’s awesome. Take courage in Moses’ words to the Israelites before they crossed the Red Sea: “The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be still” (Exodus 14:14).