Jacob Connealy

Theology I

Kenrick-Glennon Seminary

Hello, I am Jacob Connealy. I grew up in Bellevue Nebraska and have been a part of St. Mary’s parish my entire life including attending the grade school.  I enjoyed playing on my classes basketball team and serving at Mass.  I then attended Mount Michael Benedictine High School where I grew in my faith through the youth group. Sports were a major part of my high school experience.  My desire to go to a Catholic College where I could also continue to run track lead me to Benedictine College in Atchison Kansas.

I graduated with a degree in Accounting. After working in the accounting world for half a year it became clear that accounting was not for me.  Not knowing for sure what I should do next I went back to Mount Michael to work as a residential dean and assistant track coach. I knew this would be a good place for me to discern the next step.

During this time was when I began to discern seminary. Looking back to college and even earlier I had thought about the priesthood, but I never took it seriously.  Working at Mount Michael gave me the opportunity to spend more time in prayer and through prayer it became clear that seminary is the next step.  I am looking forward to attending Kenrick-Glennon and studying philosophy and theology. I am excited for the opportunity to grow deeper in my prayer life and in my relationship with the person of Jesus Christ.  For anyone who is discerning seminary my advice would be to keep praying and trust that God will lead you.

In my free time I enjoy riding my motorcycle, riding go carts and dirt bikes, running, lifting, and playing sports. I also love traveling, camping, and hiking. After climbing longs peak with my brothers last summer, I am hoping that I can climb more mountains in the future.   More than anything else I enjoy spending time at home with my parents and my six siblings.