Brett Jamrog

Theology III

Kenrick-Glennon Seminary

Hi my name is Brett Jamrog and my home parish is St. Patrick’s in Elkhorn. I was born in South Dakota and soon afterwards moved to Omaha where I was baptized at Mount Michael. But, my family soon moved to New Mexico, and then Lincoln. While living in Lincoln I received my first communion and was confirmed. Next my family moved to Mankato, MN where I attended Loyola High School for a year, and later back to Lincoln. While living in Lincoln, I graduated from Pius X High School.

Following high school, I attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I studied Business Administration. While at UNL I worked for the Nebraska football team as a student manager. Further, I was in the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. Moreover, my faith during the first two years of college consisted of going to mass on Sunday, but I never got involved with the Newman Center.

At the end of my sophomore year my friends Lily and Zach convinced me to go on a FOCUS Mission Trip to Ukraine. On the trip during Eucharistic Adoration I encountered Jesus in a real way. I also realized the joy and peace that is only found in living for the Lord. Following the trip during my junior year I put Jesus Christ at the center of my life. I got more involved with FOCUS, I began leading a bible study and also went to daily mass.

A year later after going on another FOCUS mission trip to Rwanda I started to truly discern the possibility of religious life and the priesthood. I met with a spiritual director and it became clear in prayer after a few meetings that God was calling me to the priesthood. But, I wasn’t ready to give God my yes yet. Instead, I decided I would be a FOCUS missionary for a few years, and then go to the seminary. I applied and got accepted by FOCUS. However, while visiting the Dominicans in St. Louis that year I kept thinking about the diocesan priesthood. When visiting St. Gregory the Great Seminary, Jesus spoke to me and told me to follow Him to the seminary to pursue the diocesan priesthood.

I graduated from UNL in August of 2015 and went straight to St. Gregory the Great Seminary. Moreover, after my first year of the seminary my parents moved to Elkhorn. Throughout a long discernment process with my spiritual director I discerned that the Lord was calling me to switch from the Lincoln Diocese to the Omaha Archdiocese. I am extremely grateful for my time at St. Gregory the Great Seminary and I look forward to the next four years at Kenrick Seminary.

For those discerning the priesthood I encourage you to put a major emphasis on going to daily mass, personal prayer and the rosary. Allow the Immaculate Heart of Mary to lead you to Jesus. Overall, remember that God desires you to know your vocation even more than you do yourself.

My hobbies include playing football, basketball and golf. I also enjoy hiking, backpacking, bungee jumping and skiing.