Andrew Nigro

Propaedeutic Year

St. Paul Seminary

I grew up in Ralston and attended St. Gerald School most of my primary schooling. Throughout grade school, I enjoyed tubing, skiing behind a boat, and playing any type of game. Sports-wise, I primarily played football, basketball, and baseball, but I enjoy playing any sport these days. You will often find me outside playing spikeball. I also enjoy video games, board games, and card games. My family likes to bond over playing games. It can get a little intense at my house, but that is how we like it. When I am not hanging out with my folks, I can be found writing poems or reading. I am currently enjoying the Lord of the Rings for the first time.

After eighth grade, I went to and lived at Mount Michael Abbey School for four years. At the Mount, I had my first intimate encounter with the Lord in prayer by simply allowing myself to be present before the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle. I was able to receive the Lord's peace in that moment. I am still learning to grow in being present to the Lord, which has brought me so many graces. The love the Lord showed me and continues to show me has been my anchor in my life and has guided me down His path.

I began discerning the priesthood during high school. The Lord put a great desire in my heart to serve others and to live out my faith well. There have been many twists and turns and difficult moments in my discernment. Still, I am graced to continue receiving the good the Father always wants to provide me. I desire to continue to receive the Lord in every part of my being so that it may not be me but Christ who lives in me.

After high school, I attended college at UNO. I lived at the St. John Paul II Newman Center to continue my discernment. Living at the Newman Center was a great blessing. The Lord gave me the grace to grow in my spiritual and communal life in many ways that I didn't even know were possible. During my time there, I was engaged in many aspects of life, such as FOCUS Bible studies and their discipleship program, serving at Mass, serving as the Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus, and student pro-life groups. However, one of the greatest blessings was encountering countless amazing people and living abundantly with them. I am so grateful for those who walked with me and encouraged me to become the man God created me to be. The friendships I formed at the Newman Center are deeply rooted in me.

I am currently discerning my vocation further at St. Paul Seminary in Minnesota. The Propaedeutic Program, in which I am enrolled, allows me to engage in a great education in Holy Scripture, the catechism, formation, and much more. The program also provides ample time to foster relationships with the amazing men I am with and the Lord, who asks me to remain in Him, and He will provide.