Martha Heck

Administrator of the Year

Martha Heck, Duchesne Academy, Omaha

When most people hear the words ‘Dean of Students’ invariably the notion of a gruff, hard- hearted, rough and tumble disciplinarian with little empathy for students or their well- being comes to mind. Martha Heck could not be any further removed from this stereotype,” said Duchesne Assistant Principal Eric Krakowski. In her role as Dean of Students, Martha is described as warm, kind, compassionate and understanding who has the success and safety of her students in mind with each encounter. “Martha makes known the love of God through her relationships,” said Principal Laura Hickman. Her students have described her as a role model for the women of Duchesne and a great leader who advocates for every girl in the building.

“Ms. Heck is such an important and influential figure in shaping the high school experience and futures of the young women of Duchesne,” wrote Abigail Jacobi, Duchesne Student Body president. Martha attends students’ plays, sporting events, volunteers to chaperone student trips and is committed to continuing education through the Sacred Heard Network. “She knows that extracurricular activities are important to our students who are experiencing them for the first time, and she wants to be part of their journey,” said Head of School Meg Brudney.

“I have tried, throughout my career, to treat students with dignity and respect,” said Martha. “I believe in teaching young people to be loving, caring, compassionate people who will make the world a better place. I fully support the goals and criteria of a Sacred Heart education and believe that young women will be the change agents that the world needs.” Martha has just completed her 40 th year working in Catholic education – 24 years of those working with the women of Duchesne. She has a bachelor’s in English from the College of St. Mary and a master’s in education from University of Nebraska Omaha. In her free time Martha enjoys traveling, walking her dog, Frannie, watching movies and participating in the book club she has been a member of for more than 40 years.